You Wanted Pics…

…we got pics. Hope you like these. Of course, there will be more coming. At least 18 year’s worth. *lol*

Some of these are very funny. You can make up your own captions. Like the one where CG is covering her face. “She’s tired of listening to Denis already.” Or the one where Jaynee is pensively checking out CG. “Just making sure I have the right baby.”

Post your best and I’ll print them all out and share them with Jaynee at the hospital tomorrow. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have Internet access there.

In one of the close ups of Jaynee holding the baby you can see the ring I gave her on giving birth. It’s diamond and sapphire stones set in a white gold band. Very Jaynee. She loved it, but not enough to get that baby out.

FYI. That’s Jane’s mom and sister in a few of the pics.

More about Jaynee in the next post, but first let me get these online and then post Jaynee’s message to everyone.

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  1. I just love the picture where she is gazing adoringly at Marsha – Quite simply beautiful !!

    Jane – I just can’t believe you are a Mom – Geesh !!!!!!

    But WELL DONE my friend – She is a beautiful little girl !!!

  2. She didn’t open her eyes very much that first day, but I did manage to get that one with Marsha. Very cute. Blue eyes, but aren’t all baby’s eyes blue?

  3. I have been showing the pictures on your website to EVERYONE at the office Jane – All agree, of course, that CootieGirl is as cute as a button !!!

    Several folks remarked that your sister looks the image of you. Jen I think you look fabulous in the pictures – I really like your hair away from your face – Looks good. Maybe I will get to see you and Marsha tonight when Matt and I visit Jane. We hope to be at the hospital by 6-6:30pm (depending on the directions that Jane gave to us and my driving skills *grin*).

    What did Grandpa R. say about all this ? Will he be coming down over the weekend to see his first grandchild ?

    Looking forward to seeing you all later !!

  4. CootieGirl is absolutely beautiful!

    I really like the one where she is looking at “Grandma”. I bet CootieGirl is saying “I’m the first grandchild, I know I will get everything my little heart desires” from this great lady!

    And the one where Jen is holding her, Jen is probably saying “don’t you even think about taking this baby away from me”.

    You all look wonderfully happy! Congrats to all of you.

    Jaynee, I had a C-section too. Enjoy the rest in the hospital, you’ll need all the rest you can save up!


  5. Mary,

    I’m sure Grandpa R is excited. I know he’s looking forward to meeting O. He’s coming for a visit this weekend. I think they are still working on what name he wants to be called. Grand Poppy. Oh Great One. Grand Pooh-bah. It remains to be seen. Jane and her sister do have a similar appearance. You’ve meet the two. What do you think?

    Lila, I think you are right on both accounts. How do you know this family so well?

    Gladys, Thank you. Hope we get to see you soon. CootieGirl will be waiting for Auntie Gladys. This kid has so many aunties.

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