You Take the Good With the Bad

The Good: YAY for Kris Allen making it into the finals of American Idol! I’m sensing victory for him at this point. With the voting SO close, I can’t help but think that it just might swing in Kris’s favor, which would be awesome. I’m not as big a fan of him as I was David Cook (for instance, I won’t be going to this year’s tour like I did for DC’s last year), but I definitely like him more than Adam, and will be voting for a victory!

The Bad: This last freelance job before we head on vacation is a killer. Oh, it’s easy enough – the audio is very clear and understandable, and the client wants verbatim transcription which means I don’t have to do any editing – but it’s 32 audio hours of work. I’ve done six audio hours so far, and it’s due TUESDAY. That means I have to do six audio hours every day from now until Tuesday. That’s twelve hours A DAY of typing. Yikes. So pray that my fingers will hold up, that the kids will cooperate, and that the project will get done. Otherwise I’ll be loading up stuff to the laptop and will be typing in the car on the way to the beach as well as probably wasting the entire first day at the beach on the computer finishing up the project. The official deadline is Thursday, but I’m trying to get it done before we go to the beach.

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  1. I could be wrong but I think you are making less than $8/hr on this latest typing job. You may want to rethink your pricing structure.

  2. Denis, I’m not going to talk about specific pricing on here, but in this case I did lower my price because he asked if I was willing to go lower. I ended up going with his top price that he listed on the project. Yes, it’s a pay cut, but I told him if he uses me again I’ll go back to my regular rate for all future projects. So I’m willing to take the loss now in return for future projects.

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