You Take the Good with the Bad

So Denis popped over to the Barnes & Noble in Charlotte to pick up some new 2010 calendars for our home office and kitchen. Once there the battery in his van gave up the ghost (it has been slowly dying over the past month). Once jump-started he headed down to Rock Hill to get a new battery – fortunately, we had a coupon so he’ll be getting a discount on it.

In other news, you all know I’ve been lamenting my shockingly low pay at my new job, considering my vast knowledge and experience. However, they have more than made up for it – I got an unexpected monetary incentive bonus for a project I worked on, and also received a write-up last week that resulted in a $25 gift certificate. At the same time I found out that one of my co-workers put in her own positive write-up which results in a $5 gift card. I told Denis that if I keep racking these up I may not do too badly in 2010 after all!

In yet other financial news, I found out today that our property taxes were paid twice in 2009. When we refinanced the house I knew we’d either be paying our insurance on our own, or our property taxes. Turns out, it’s the home insurance. I logged into our mortgage account today and saw they paid the property taxes, but I also wrote a big fat check to the county myself in October. So I’ll be calling them on Monday to find out how to go about getting that refunded back to me so I can put it right back into savings where it belongs.

Woo hoo!!!

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  1. WAit a mInutE!! you PAID in October, and NOBODY noticed your taxes were paid TWICE?!
    I hope you get it back but I bet they either lost it or are going to hold onto it..GOOD LUCK

  2. I’m chalking it up to the fact that our bank paid the taxes just after Thanksgiving and that between that holiday and Christmas there wasn’t much work getting done for anyone to take the time to do anything about it. Fortunately, I live in a small town and a simple phone call will most likely clear it up and get a refund check winging its way to our house!

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