You Say It’s Your Birfday

So today is my 36th birthday. Hard to believe – I don’t feel 36. I have never felt like I was a true “adult” – even around people my own age.

I received my first gift over the weekend – a check from my mom. She’s told me to use it on a spa day, a hair cut or a maid for a day, and I have to be honest – I’m leaning toward a maid for the day. Our house is wreck and I’d love to have it be REALLY CLEANED WELL. Fortunately we have a woman at my church that does it for a living, so I’ll be calling her to schedule a date.

This morning I received a bag of goodies from Denis – a couple movies to add to our ever-growing collection and a couple more books to add to my ever-growing collection. Then I got to work and found an Amazon gift certificate sitting in my emailbox. Chances are high it’ll go towards another DVD (possibly “Mary Poppins”).

Ace has emailed me to inform me he too consulted Amazon and bought a couple items – can’t wait to see what he picked out for me. =)

It sucks that I have to be here at work today (traditionally I take the day off), but since I took last Tuesday off I felt I needed to be here. Just as well – today expenses are due so I’ll be elbow high in crumpled receipts from my bosses.

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  1. “They say it’s your Birthday” !!! Happy, Happy Day to you, dear one. You are loved.:birthday:

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