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I’ve done a lot more paid posts in the past couple days than I have in several weeks. There are a few reasons for this – #1 being that I really need to step up and do as many posts as I can over the next few weeks to ensure that we have enough for Disney. I’m sure you are sick of me talking about it, but I’ve officially raised $2,475 at this point (that includes the posts that I’ve done yesterday and today). That does NOT include the 10+ hours of OT that I’ll be turning in at the end of this month. This also does not include the $200 payment I’ll get in May for the medical weight loss study (or the $40 in gift checks I’ll have gotten from them by then).

I’m thrilled that we now most DEFINITELY will be able to be cash-only on this vacation. AND that if we are wise in our spending and don’t let the kids go crazy with the gimmes we should easily be able to bring some money BACK with us when we’re done.

I thank you for your patience as you wade through all those posts (and the ones to come). I know that some of you don’t like them, but I’m hopeful that you understand WHY they are there, and that you understand how important going cash-only is to me. The past 15+ years I’ve been saddled with stupid debt, and I’m really determined for Denis and me (mostly me) to become a consumer-debt-free couple in the next 4-5 years. I want to be able to teach my kids to be fiscally responsible BY EXAMPLE.

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  1. That’s great, sweetie.

    And economics is a lot like losing weight. I know you are sick of my mantra “Eat less, exercise more.” Now we have another one. “Make more, spend less.” LOL

    Sounds like you have a plan, you’re sticking to it, and we’ll get there one day soon. Whoo Hoo!!!

    Yes, we both buy a lot of junk we don’t “need” and that contributes to our debt. I think the economists call that discretionary spending. If we cut back on that, like we have, we’ll be off the plastic in no time.

    Good for us! And if we get a Democrat in the Oval Office and the economy turns our beginning in 2009, we’ll all live a little larger. (You know I had to get that political note in there. LOL)

  2. My discretionary spending has reduced over the past few months. I don’t spend NEARLY what I spent before now that I’m only using cash – I’m loathe to hand over those dollars if I can help it.

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