You Know That Feeling?

You know that feeling you get when you are in a store somewhere and some woman has her whining child and the woman basically ignores the whining child and so the whining becomes wailing, which escalates until it becomes loud crying but then the switch is flipped and a loud shriek emanates from the little tiny body as though an alien was trying to rip it’s way through the toddler’s stomach? You know that feeling? :scared: The feeling that makes you want to stick a fork in your eye so that maybe your own shrieking will cover the noise that caused the need for self-mutilation in the first place.

I’ve pretty much had it since about 3:15 p.m. That’s what time both our children woke up from their naps. That’s about the time that Toddler Daughter, who isn’t quite back to normal after her three-day bout with sickness, decided that NOTHING made her happy and she just wanted to cry and moan and wail and fling herself on the floor and throw utensils off her snack tray because she wanted that one NO THAT ONE NO THAT ONE NO THAT ONE. :banghead:

And it continued over the past hour as Infant Son, overly tired because he only had one nap today, started screeching and screaming and bawling his little eyes out because he’s tired and needs sleep but refuses to lay in his crib when he’d much rather squirm in my arms and resist calming down because why would he want to do that when crying is so much more effective than just falling asleep in the first place? 😥

I finally handed him over to Denis and by some miracle got CootieBoy to calm down in the few moments it has taken me to type in this post. Don’t know what he did, but we need to bottle it and make a million dollars. Because at 6:08 pm there was NOTHING that would calm down the little bugger. :whatever:

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