You Can’t Take It With You

Canucklehead, who is always a fun read, posed an interesting question on his blog yesterday, and I thought I’d join in and answer as well.

Imagine you had one suitcase to transport your possessions from your home. What ten to fifteen most cherished objects would you choose to take with you?

My answers:

1. My Bible
2. Our external hard drive that has every single picture we’ve ever taken of the kids.
3. My wedding ring set (which I don’t wear and can’t until I lose about another 25 pounds)
4. My MP3 player (c’mon – it has almost our entire music collection on it)

That’s about it, really. The question asked about “cherished” possessions, and other than my Bible (that I’ve had since high school), the kids’ pictures and my wedding ring, I wouldn’t much care if we lost the rest (I’d be sad, but not devastated because it’s just STUFF).

Now, if we were going for more of a “desert island” kind of suitcase wherein these are the only things I’ll EVER have, then I’d add a few more things:

1. Three more books: “A Prayer for Owen Meany,” “Jane Eyre,” and “Pride and Prejudice.”
2. A solar-powered DVD player (heh – you know, so it’ll work on the desert island) and the following movies: “West Side Story,” “My Fair Lady,” “Auntie Mame,” and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

What about you? One suitcase of cherished possessions – what would you take?

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  1. 1. Saffron – I wouldn’t leave her behind. I would leave a family members before I left my dog. Besides, she is always ready for a trip/ride.

    I am like you, everything else can be replaced. I don’t get attached to material things. Not like Anthony, who still likes to drive by our old house in West Orange or tells me that he will never be able to sell the house he grew up in if something ever happened to his parents. Please…. I could careless about the house in West Orange and my parents house would be on the market the next day. (ok… two weeks later)

    Now if I were on Desert Island…. Well that is a little different.

    1. Of course I would take my dog. Saffron loves the beach.
    2. A few friends would have to be cramed into my suitcase.. (you never said how big the suitcase would have to be)
    3. Tequila for Margarita’s. (the Fruit would be supplied by the island)
    4. I think I would depend on Jack or Hurley for almost all my needs…
    5. you know what… better still… I would just have to kick over that Genie bottle that I found sticking out of the sand and wish for unlimited wishes… that solves that problem.

    “A Prayer for Owen Meany,” – I really need to find that book. I wouldn’t want you to be without it on the island.

  2. Ace, the presumption was that you wouldn’t need to pack your dog in a suitcase. That’s why I didn’t include Denis, the kids or the pets. The objective was “if you had to pack a suitcase with cherished possessions.” I don’t count humans and pets as possessions. *lol*

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