Yet More Reasons to Leave NJ

Okay, so I can understand registering your pets in your local town – it helps alleviate those crazy cat ladies who insist on owning 50 kitties and keeping them all in a one bedroom apartment. But enforcing it by going door to door and then fining those without registration? Ridiculous. Today was “Amnesty Day” in which Bloomfield had a 3-hr window for you to go by the city offices with proof of vaccination without having the pay a fine for not having your pet registered. After today they plan on starting the neighborhood canvas to find those with unregistered pets.

And how about the whole registration of alarm systems? Annual cost? $25. In Bloomfield if you don’t have your home alarm system registered with the city and you are caught then you have to pay a fine for not letting the town know you have an alarm.

Last but not least, you have to register your garage sale. Yep – you have to get a permit to have people come buy your crap for 50 cents a pop. Then they publish a list of “approved” garage sales. No word on whether a fine is levied for not getting your garage sale approved.

Then there is the blatant abuse of speed traps by Bloomfield police that enables them to not just score a speeding ticket but a hefty “get out of jail” fee for the speeder.

There is actually one more ridiculous thing I planned on mentioning, but it has suddenly escaped me. Probably something about not wearing white after Labor Day or else you owe Bloomfield $200.

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