Yet Another Weight Update

This morning the scale said I’m down 17.5 pounds. WOO HOO!!! Only 1.5 pounds to go to meet my goal for next Wednesday, AND only 1.5 pounds to go until I’m in the next group of 10 on my scale. That’s AWESOME. Also, my weekly calorie average (which ended yesterday) was (drumroll please….) 1299!! YES! My weekly average was 38 calories BELOW what the medical weight loss study required. The only way I accomplished this was that two days during the week I ended up skipping a meal and thus only ate about 900 calories on those days. The rest of the days I was in the 1400s. But obviously that kind of calorie fluctuation is working – I’ve lost four pounds in the past seven days.

This morning my meds increased again – I’m now on four pills a day. Two in the morning, and now two at night. Thankfully I shouldn’t have any issues at work because of the increase since my body is now accustomed to the two pills in the morning. It’s at night after I get home that tonight might be weird for a couple hours after I take the two pills. Next Wednesday those will all be replaced and I’ll then be on ONE pill that contains all of that day’s medication.

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  1. That’s awesome, Jane, you’re so inspiring!

    My only question re: the medical study is how do they know whether the pills are working or if the weight loss is due to the decrease in your caloric intake? It doesn’t seem like a pure study to me.

  2. Thanks for the good question, Jean. This is a blind test – 2/3rds of the people are dieting AND using active pills. The other 1/3rd are dieting and taking PLACEBO pills. At the end of the 12 month period they will compare notes and see how much more the people taking the active pills lost than those who were merely dieting with a placebo. Either way, the people lose weight, which is a good thing. =)

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