Yet Another Sign That I’m An Idiot

I’m serious. I have no brain cells. It’s a wonder I can feed myself. I’m up here in the attic contemplating bringing up a DVD player to keep myself occupied with “Danger UXB” tonight. But I was in no mood to drag it up here and hook it up to the tv.

Then I remembered I can play DVDs on my computer.

Awww, playing on my CD player right now? Barry Manilow’s Very Strange Medley from his Live Album. I loved that album when I was a kid.

C’mon give me a break – I was born in 1969 and had to listen to SOMETHING in the 1970s. We didn’t have Jessica Simpson or 50 Cent back then (and to that I say “THANK HEAVENS!”)

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  1. I love that album, too! I’ve loved Barry Manilow since I was the age of probably 8 or 9 and I was born two years before you. Good luck staying awake tonight. I’m enjoying your posts. Catching up now after taking my daughter to a birthday party. I posted on your site back during March Madness-I’m the huge Carolina fan!! 🙂

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