Yes, We Can Play

I promised CootieBoy that tonight we’d play Indiana Jones as long as he had a bath before I got home. Note to self: call Denis and remind him to throw the kids in the bath when they get home from daycare. We haven’t played in *gasp* three days. An eternity, I tell you!

He was very upset yesterday when I originally told him we’d play and then ended up going to book club instead. When I got home from book club Denis was just putting the kids to bed, and CB got excited thinking we’d play Indiana Jones now. Nope!

“But you said we’d play!” he cried, tears threatening to fall down his cute little face.

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” I answered soothingly as I helped him into bed. “I tell you what – tomorrow when you get home from school, take a bath and get in your PJs. Then by the time I get home from work you’ll be all ready and we can play for thirty minutes.”


So of course first thing this morning when he wakes up, one of things he says as he’s getting dressed is “We’re playing Indiana Jones tonight!”

This kid is EXACTLY like me. Remind me to tell you about my Monkees fixation when I was in high school. CB is already headed down that path and he’s only FOUR.

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  1. Yeah, a path I desperately tried to obstruct. I’d sneak into your bedroom at night and pray at your bedside that you would choose to go down a different path. XXOO

  2. I have yet to take my Lego Indiana Jones out of my car, since our trip to NY this past weekend. However, I am going to be moving the Wii from the Master Bedroom to the Basement Family Room. As much as I love playing it in the bedroom, it will be nice to sit on a couch instead of a very uncomfortable seat.

    Happy Gaming!
    Your Friend from the wrong path.

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