Yes I’m Sick Again

It’s getting ridiculous now. The one major change in my body since I first got pregnant with CootieGirl in July 2002 is that I get sick all the time now. And all during this second pregnancy it’s been even worse – I get sick every 3 weeks or so.

This time around it started as a cough I got from CootieGirl, who got it from daycare. On Wednesday it started as a mild itching, but by Friday I was coughing throughout my workday. As of today, Sunday, it has moved into my chest and I’m getting a bit worried because I’m almost constantly out of breath.

I hacked my way through singing at church this morning – after every song I’d turn away from the microphone and cough my lungs out before coming back for the next song. It was awful.

I’ve decided that it’s time to see a doctor. As much of a pain as that is, it’s got to be done. So I’ll call in tomorrow morning and then call a doctor and see what time he can see me. If he can see me early enough and give me meds then I’ll go into work from there – although I’m probably really contagious at this point since there’s actual pleghm involved now (TMI, I know).

What sucks is that my doctor’s office is in NYC – that’s ridiculous. I just went onto the HMO website to change my doctor to a NJ doctor, and their system is down, so I’ll have to do it in the morning by telephone. There’s no reason a sick person should travel on public transportation to see her doctor. But I remember last year there was some big hullabaloo where I had a NJ doctor and they refused me because my company was in NYC, therefore I had to have a NYC doctor. However, I remember about 9 months ago Denis was sick and saw a NJ doctor (and he’s on my HMO plan), and it was covered. So I’m going to sign up with his doctor.

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  1. So glad you are going to the Dr. Will be praying that you feel better very soon. Thanks so much for a great weekend. It was so fun, we hated to leave.

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