Yes, I’m a Planner. I Can’t Help It.

White Elephant party. I made it for book club and it was a huge hit. I had some left over, and brought them into work so my co-workers could try them. The tray of 12 samples emptied within about 45 seconds and everyone was asking for the recipe.

As such, that hors d’oeuvre is definitely on the list for White Elephant, and now I’m anxious to try another recipe. As I said in a post last week, we’re doing all new recipes this year. This means we need to do a lot of yummy testing before the party. Yes, I realize it’s only June, but I don’t care! Food is the most important aspect of the party (well, and the White Elephant game itself, of course)! If the food isn’t good, the party isn’t good. Believe dat, y’all.

So tonight I’ll peruse the list and see if I can whip up another of the hors d’oeuvres this weekend to be taste-tested on Monday.

Also? I went into Evite today to start the initial draft for the email that goes out in August every year announcing the date of the party. Yes, I’m already that excited about the party. We’re scraping the list of most of the people that haven’t even acknowledged the Evite in 2+ years and inviting a LOT of new people this year. Denis has already said he’ll be adding 4-5 more people from work to the list, and I’ll be opening up the list to 7-8 of my new co-workers this year as well.

I know it’s only June, but it’s never to early to plan for THE Cootie party event of the year! It’s our twelfth year doing it! It’s legen—–wait for it—–dary!

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