Yes, I Can Dance!

Tonight is a night I’ve been looking forward to for a few months – it’s the So You Think You Can Dance show tonight! I’m very excited. This time I brought a good camera with me, and have sixth row seats. So I should have much better pictures than I had at the American Idol tour this past summer. I know the stuff between the dances will be hyper-cheesy (it was last year), but I just want to see the dances. While I wasn’t impressed with the solos last season, I DID like a lot of the pairs dancing and that’s the reason I bought the ticket in the first place. Last year I was really impressed with Neil and Sabra’s solo dancing, as well as their pairs dancing, which is the reason I bought the ticket for last year’s tour.

Mr. BIL is out today, so I’m getting lots of stuff done while he’s out. However, he’s due in around 4:30 p.m. and I fear he’ll dump a bunch of work on me that won’t allow me to go out and enjoy a quiet dinner for one before the show. Or at least a drink or two.

Either way – YAY for today!!

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