Yay for Monkey Hats!

Yay for Monkey Hats from Mac!! It was totally worth the weight wait! She knitted an adorable monkey hat for the kiddoes and it’s gorgeous. She used this really soft fur to make the hat, and regular pink yarn for the inner ears. The fur is so fluffy I’m surprised she could keep track of her stitches as she was knitting it!

I’m hoping to take a picture of CootieGirl in the hat over the weekend. Last night I tried to get her to wear it and she pitched a fit since she had just come from outside and thought wearing the hat meant going outside again. At least, I think that’s why she started screaming. It also could have been hormones. Cuz 2-year-olds? They turn on a dime, folks. A little tiny shiny not-so-harmless dime.

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  1. The best thing the pediatrician ever told me, “Two years olds are midget psychotics with a good prognonis.”

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