Yay for Long Lost Friends

I’ve read recently how a lot of bloggers are google searching for old friends from the past. I did this back in March and got back in contact with John Austin, a guy I worked with when I was a freshman in college. He does music now (GREAT music, I might add), as does his wife, Erin. So I’ve enjoyed renewing my friendship with him through email since that initial contact in March.

But today, having read of other bloggers doing people searches in the past week, I decided to find a couple other folks. In particular, I sought out my old pal Kathy from my elementary school days. Now this is a hard one because 1) she’s probably got a different last name now through marriage and 2) there’s no guarantee she still lives in the same town as we did as we were kids. But imagine my luck when I found a person I believe to be her FATHER still living in the same town. Would it be intrusive to call and ask after Kathy and find out how to contact her? Granted, I haven’t spoken to her since the 7th grade, but we were BEST PALS for a few years there.

So after hitting that dead wall I went to an old standby – a guy I met at a club in DC and became friends with before he shipped out to Japan (he was in the military at the time). It didn’t take long (gotta love the internet) before I found Joe and emailed an address I found at his website. Voila – within 30 minutes I had a response. What’s weird though, folks, is that apparently only a few days ago he had visited my topic at Suite 101 where I write about (you guessed it) the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and have a link to (you guessed it!) COOTIEHOG! So he’s been here! Mere moments before I thought to find him!

Now THAT, my friends, is weird. But cool. Now if I can just find Kathy and see if she still loves the movie Xanadu as much as I do…

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