Yay! A Day Off!

I decided to take today off from work. On Friday I was at the office working until almost 7 p.m., and at the end of that dreadful week I left a voicemail for my bosses letting them know I wouldn’t be in on Monday. YAY! We had a busy weekend – lawn work, cleaning gutters, bowling (yes, more bowling). Today won’t be much different – I’m cleaning the house, doing some light shopping, and working in the garden. In fact, as soon as I post this I’m heading out to Home Depot to get my supplies. I’m hoping to get the hard stuff done before it gets too hot. Then at noon I’m meeting Ace for a quick workout, then it’s home to clean house. Once it cools off late this afternoon I’ll be back out in the garden again. So it’ll be a busy day, but it beats sitting at my desk all day.

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  1. Yes, and Denis bowled a 186 in the second game, and would have broken 200 if the automatic pin setter hadn’t broken down. Oh, well. Next time. As soon as we all get our own shoes and bowls. Whoo Hoo!!!!

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