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Today was my WW weigh-in at work. I knew I would have a small loss, so I was up for going. My main “competition” weighed-in just before me and her grand total came to 15.4 pounds. Very cool. So when I got on the scale I took off my heavy jewelry. I thought about racing out to see if I could go to the bathroom, but opted not to. My total so far came to 15.2. ARG!!! I was SO hoping to take the lead from Nicole!!

It was a good meeting and I have to say again how much I really like our leader. In the group that I attended a couple years ago I just didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t like the leader very much – she did a lot of talking and didn’t encourage those attending the meeting to talk. This leader we have at work is all about back and forth communication. It makes it more fun that way.

What’s awesome is I got my third 5 lb. star today. I’m close to my 10% goal that they set up for me at which point I get a little tchotke. As Nicole said, “Keychain here I come!”

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  1. One thing that helped in letting me be “consistent” during weigh-in is that I wore the same outfit every day I had weigh-in. That way, I didn’t worry over whether a wool sweater added an additional pound (or more!). Just a tip, not that you asked. =)

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