I can’t believe Infant Son turns one today. Shocking. I also won’t be able to call him Infant Son much longer if only because he’ll become Toddler Son soon. I guess that means I’ll have to come up with a new name for Toddler Daughter. Maybe Mildly Older Toddler Daughter?

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So last night I got home and found some birfday cards from various family members. A couple of them had lottery scratch-offs, but the Jaynee curse continued and I only won $5-6. But that’s okay, because we’re putting $10 on the $121M MegaMillions jackpot for tonight’s drawing. Cuz I’m gonna WIN that sucka!

When I got home, Ace & Anthony were there, preparing to go out house-hunting with Denis. They’ve been looking for a house for about a month now, give or take. They actually put an offer on one house but lost out to another bidder. But they pressed on and kept looking. Last night they looked at three houses and one of them really piqued their interest and they just might put an offer on it. They are going to look at a house tonight that we affectionately have dubbed “The Castle” because it’s a gorgeous Tudor home, and based on it’s condition they’ll decide which one to make an offer on. But by the time they left our house last night I think they had easily talked themselves into the one they liked last night.

But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about! SIDETRACKED! No, what I wanted to say was when I got home I found an envelope on our TV stand that had “Jaynee and Denis” written on it. I opened it to find out that for my birthday, and also to thank Denis for his hard work, that Ace/Anthony have GENEROUSLY bought us Tivo and a year’s subscription to the service. I was blown away. You could have tipped me over with a feather (although it would have been hard to catch me since I was dancing all over the living room). The service tech was actually due at the house any minute, so they went out house hunting and I stayed home with CootieGirl and waited for the DirecTV guy to come.

When he DID show up it was raining cats and dogs, and the work he needed to do required working outside at the dish, disconnecting and reconnecting various wires. He and I both expressed hesitation considering the lightening we were experiencing. So we made an appointment for June 23rd for him to come, but he felt so bad that he said if he has time today after his other appointments, he plans on coming over and doing it tonight.


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  1. I’m so jealous! Um, you know that I’ll be calling you to tape things that I miss, right? You MUST get a VCR hooked up to that thing!!!

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  3. Oooh, Tivo! What a nice gift 🙂 My boyfriend couldn’t live without it and has told me that if I ever want it he’ll buy me the reciever and whatever it takes. I think he just wants it at both locations 😉 And what a nice DirectTV man, to feel that bad and offer to come back if he could. Have a great birthday!

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