Wow. That’s Some Prize

Last year the top prize for the NCAA pool I coordinated was $360. I thought that was pretty decent. However. This year? We’re up over $500!!! That’s AMAZING!!! It may go as high as $550 if a couple more people who SAID they were going to do it end up doing it. SO cool.

People complained that I did a “winner take all” pool last year (apparently at The Firm they’ve always given money to second place). So this year I’m giving 80% to the winner and 20% to the person in 2nd place. So if we have $550, that’s $440 to first place, and $110 to second place. NICE. I’ll take either one! *lol*

This morning I came in to find money littering my desk and about 20 emails from people with questions or comments about the pool. Mr. BIL asked, “Why are you so popular today?” In my best Dick Vitale imitation, I responded, “BASKETBALL, BABY!”

Update:: We’re now officially at $560, and one more person is hoping to turn in a sheet before tip-off. That’s $456 to the winner and $114 to 2nd place. Outstanding!

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