Wow, No Entries Since Wednesday?

So sorry for not posting any at all over the past few days. We’ve been really busy around the house and seriously, this is my first opportunity to get online.

Thanksgiving was nice – we went to Denis’ mom’s place in Queens and spend the afternoon enjoying family. The food was delicious, and the day would have gone on longer if Grandma Cootie’s kitchen sink hadn’t overflowed. Alas, the final fifteen minutes we were at the apartment were spent mopping up water from the kitchen floor. Luckily, Denis heard it rather soon into the process, so the water damage was minimal.

Friday was a busy day. We had a doctor’s appointment early that morning to do the full sonagram to find out about the baby’s general health and growth. More about that in the pregnancy diary.

Then we came home and began cleaning the house in preparation for the housecleaning service to arrive. I know that sounds weird – cleaning for the cleaning service, but my mother says that since the cleaner doesn’t know what is junk and what’s to keep, it’s best for the homeowner to clean up all the junk that’s laying around so that all the cleaner has to do is CLEAN, which is what she’s there for. So, by the time Theresa arrived it was looking rather decent, but she made it look FABULOUS. I had never used a cleaning service before, but I heartily recommend it. My guest bathroom hasn’t sparkled that much in the two years we’ve lived here.

Yesterday we spent our Saturday decorating for the upcoming Christmas holidays. We put up our tree (it looks wonderful), various garlands and lights, and frankly, we did a great job. We finished just as it was getting dark, and I sat in the glow of Xmas lights for the rest of the night – so fun. Today we will add some more lights to the outside of the house and officially be done.

Right now Denis is baking his last batch of cookies for the White Elephant party this coming Saturday. We’re going to have 32 people – our highest number yet in the four years we’ve thrown this bash. We usually average 26-28 people. Luckily, we’ve always had PLENTY of food, so we’re sticking to our regular cooking numbers and praying people don’t go hog wild this year. On the alcohol front, we’ve determine that we have a dozen bottles of wine, 72 bottles of beer, and very little liquor. So this week we’ll get a few more bottles of rum and vodka for the crowd. Luckily we have responsible friends who designate drivers, so we don’t have to worry much about that. And we have two extra beds and two air mattresses for those who do drink too much and shouldn’t drive. We’re nothing if not prepared.

So there you go – a full update on our weekend. Happy now?

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  1. Cleaning services and Christmas lights… It sounds SO nice! (72 bottles of beer sounds nice to, but alas…)

    I hope your little trampoline bouncer has another photo op before April!

  2. Actually, it was 89 bottles of beer, minus whatever I drink before the party. I think we’re done to 85 bottles. We’ll wind up with at least 72 bottles by party time. Angie, we’ll save you a bottle for after April.

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