Wow…Is Summer Really Almost Over?

I can’t believe my last post was near the beginning of summer vacation, and now it’s the last day of summer vacation! Time went quickly – I can’t believe it’s over!

Of my decluttering goals from June 4, I can say that I only did about a dozen of them. But hey, I’ll take it. And technically summer isn’t over YET – you never know when I may get a wild hair and get out there and tackle 4-5 more of them in a day. What? It could happen!

The rest of the summer was a blur – after our vacation to the beach, the kids went to camp for a week, and then went to my parents’ house for a week. The result is that the three trips made the summer whiz on by.

I’m still knitting, although CootieGirl stopped soon after our return from the beach in June. I’m not some crazy knitter, but I do a few rows a week and will eventually get the short scarf done. Will I continue after that? It’s possible. I have bigger needles as well as some yarn on my Amazon wishlist in case I feel like delving deeper into actual knitting patterns.

CootieBoy had his middle school orientation a couple days ago and met all his teachers. He ended up getting ALL of CG’s teachers from last year, so when he introduced himself they all immediately recognized the last name. He is most excited about band and really hopes he gets to play the saxophone. He’s other instruments of choice are trumpet and trombone. But he REALLY wants the saxophone.

Work has been going great this summer. We’re still doing our corporate retreats a couple times a month and just scheduled out 2016 as well. There is talk us of doing them EVERY week in 2016 – yikes! The good news is that our team is now all taking on parts of the presentation so that the main speaker is able to take a break every now and again to avoid burnout. In fact, a few weeks ago *I* led a section of the presentation and got good comments afterwards – including from an attendee who liked my section. That made me feel good and I was really pleased. The leader of our team has asked me to do it again soon. Woot!

In other news, Denis and I are already thinking about Christmas stuff. The other night we pulled out his massive recipe folder and begin picking out potential recipes for this year’s White Elephant party. And I’m working hard on figuring out our decorations for this year – we’re taking it up a notch in the display and I’m super excited to see how it will turn out.

The animals are mostly doing well – although Mini the Cat is starting to show her age. It is showing through her disregard for kitty litter trays. She began treating the rug in our laundry room as her litter tray. Our steam cleaner has never gotten more use – for a while I was having to run it EVERY DAY. I took her to the vet to have her checked out, but they didn’t find anything – so the general consensus is that she’s just old. And she is at least 16 years old – but it’s hard to remember she’s old since she’s still very kitten-like in many ways.

And that’s it for the update. I can’t believe that summer is over. It was a fun summer – lots of movies, time at the pool, a couple trips to Carowinds amusement park, the vacation. But it was over way too quickly.

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