Working Out on a Time Crunch

Tonight’s workout was cut short because unbeknownst to me a staff meeting was planned at the church office for 8 p.m. (Synergy goes until 8:30 p.m. normally). I was a bit miffed about that, but the ladies were gracious about only having a 30 minute workout.

Because of the pressure to get it done before people showed up for the meeting, I worked even harder than I did in front of the CNN camera last weekend in case someone did show up for the meeting early. Sure enough, the tape ended, we put the furniture back in place, and by the time the ladies left no one had showed up for the meeting yet. Which miffed me again – we could have had a longer workout!

But hey, I’ll take the thirty minutes at any rate – it’s better than no workout at all, right?

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