Working Out At The Y

So today was my first workout at the Y in a long time. I arrived promptly at 7:50 a.m. and had my id photo taken. Ugh. Then I ran downstairs and tossed my junk into a locker and headed to the pool for an aqua step class. I feared being a newbie amongst oldsters, but in fact there were 6 new people and the class had about 14 people.

It was fun, although the instructor was a bit like a frustrated grade school teacher. She got irritated and even said, “Am I going to have to separate you two?” to a couple of chatterbox women who were probably in their early 70s.

Once the hour-long water class was over I put on some regular workout clothes and went upstairs and did recumbent bike for 15 minutes and then treadmill for 15 minutes. At that point I realized I’m REALLY out of shape and quit before I exhausted myself or hurt something.

Tonight I’ll head back around 6 p.m. with CootieGirl so she can participate in the family swim time. Then I’ll also try to head back tomorrow afternoon for a bit to do some lap swimming and elliptical trainer work.

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