Work, Work, Work!

I’ve been staying busy. This week I started a 13-hour-a-week job with a small company in Charlotte. It’s nothing really official – a friend of mine owns the company (and only has two other employees). This is more of a trial run for him to determine if he NEEDS to have a receptionist/admin in the office. I’m working three mornings a week, and it has gone well in my first week.

I’ve created a marketing brochure for one of their projects, I’ve updated their website, and I’ve worked on a mailing list. I’ve also condensed all their office supplies into one single cabinet (they were spread out throughout the office until this morning).

Doesn’t sound like much, but the InDesign brochure took a long time because I had to create the template first, and then create the individual brochure using the template. So really, that was two projects.

I’m continuing to send out my resume – ever diligent (sick of hearing about it?). I have to say that I’ve enjoyed having the adult interaction during the week – even if it is all about printers, fax machines, setting up email and office supplies.

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