Woodbury Commons

Jane and went to Woodbury Commons to do some discount outlet shopping. We went with our friends Ace and Anthony. As we’re walking around the outlets, Jane says, “Isn’t that Matt?” Matt is an old friend from junior high school. Sure enough, it was him. He and his wife Jennifer shop at the outlets once a month or so. And there he was sitting outside one of the stores, waiting for his wife to return. I only see Matt about once a year. Good to know, he’s the same guy I grew up with. Here is a picture of him and his wife.

Matt and Jen

In the meantime, Jane and I bought come clothes, Christmas stuff, two small souffle dishes, and a few other things. I went looking for a fall jacket, but didn’t find anything I liked at a good price. Oh, well.

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  1. Hey Denis and Jane,

    It was great to see you guys over the weekend. It seems I always seem to find somebody I know up there. Congrats on your bundle of joy coming. Congrats on your script and I hope it wins. I am bookmarking this page.


  2. Great seeing you too. Thanks for the good wishes, too. That’s funny that you usually see people you know up there. This is only the second time we’ve been there. The first time was three or four years ago.

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