Look at that chart! I’m happy to say I’m down yet another pound for a total of 12 pounds since December 11, 2007. That’s AWESOME. I’m still averaging one pound a week, having lost 12 in 12 weeks. That’s outstanding.

This morning I increased my medical study dosage to two pills a day – one in the morning, one at night. Other than some dry mouth and very mild nausea when I don’t take the pill with food, I’m feeling good and have no really bad side effects thus far.

Denis has been really helpful this time around – in past attempts to lose weight he has always at some point given me chocolate, or made huge meals of my favorite food, or whatever. I know it’s unintentional and not MEANT to sabotage, but in past attempts I admit I haven’t really been that “into” losing the weight and used his actions as an excuse to stop trying to lose weight. But this time around he and I are both serious about it. He has been really good about making healthier dinners more often and I’ve been good about refusing to take a second helping. He has been really encouraging as well, which is awesome.

I think it’s also helping that I’m tracking EVERYTHING now. I’m tracking my daily weight, daily calories, weekly averages, BMI changes, etc. I’ve also been telling EVERYONE that I’m attempting to lose weight, so that I’m held accountable. Our firm is starting it’s own Weight Watchers club and I joined. I joined mainly so that they’d get the numbers they need to have a dedicated meeting. But I think it’s also important to have ONE MORE GROUP out there tracking my progress so that I’ll stick with it. Basically, I have NO CHOICE but to stick to it – I’m on the hook for the medical study (cuz I gots to get PAID), I’m on the hook for 16 weeks of Weight Watchers, and 75% of the people in my life know I’m trying to lose weight.

But my morale is high, and as of today I’m thrilled with my progress.

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  1. That’s great, sweetie! You and I are like in an arm’s race to see who can lose more weight. I’m down 11 pounds since the beginning of Lent but my progress is slowing. I know I’ve lost an inch or two around my waist, which makes my pants happy.

    Yes, I’ve stopped buying chocolates at the supermarket like I used to. Still tempted but I just say to myself you are in charge of grocery shopping and it makes it a lot easier.

    Keep it up! I may not be able to reach my goal by Easter, but maybe I can shoot for the Disney trip for that goal. We’re only talking another 13.5 pounds.

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