Winning The Race

Today CootieGirl is doing a special fundraiser at her school. The entire school is participating, and they were all asked to get sponsors. Individual prizes were given based on levels of sponsorship, but each class was also eligible to win prizes based on the number of states from which they got sponsors and things like that.

Well, I thought we were doing horrible with sponsorships. We managed to get 9 sponsors, a mix of flat donations and per-lap donations. I was thrilled with the level of participation that we got for CG’s portion of the fundraiser, but figured it was paltry compared to these other parents who probably took the sheet to their companies to guilt their co-workers into pledging (although, I kinda did the same thing by posting on Facebook, so I guess I shouldn’t talk).

Not so! CG ended up being not only the one that raised the most money in her class, but also got the most states represented (SC, NC, VA, NY, NJ and MD). Her uncle Peter was particularly generous – in fact, the school sent a note home to verify that the pledge was not in error. When I confirmed it was right, they wrote in big letters “WOW!” on her pledge sheet. *lol*

CootieBoy and I will be heading over there in about an hour to take pictures and support her. She’s VERY excited and put on her gear this morning to get ready. Very cute.

So, look for a post with pictures to come later this morning!

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  1. Aw, I am so excited for her! Go, CootieGirl! Yes, take lots of pictures and video if possible. We have small group tonight ~ if you think of it, have her call us before 6:30 so we can get the update.

  2. I took TONS of pictures of the entire thing and plenty of CG. She ran 31 laps (35 was the max she was allowed to do). She could have done all 35, but she ended up walking about 1/3 of the race time. And no wonder! That’s a lot for am almost-six year old!

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