Will This Be The One?

So tomorrow I have another interview. I’ve NEVER had to interview this much to find work. I’m in Month Nine of attempting to find work. The last time it took this long to find work I was working in NYC and hoping to get a job in NJ so I wouldn’t have to commute across the river away from my first child. But the key difference was exactly that: I WAS STILL WORKING.

It just blows my mind that I can be really good at my job, have an outstanding resume, do well in interviews, and STILL not get job offers. My salary requests are not out of this world, my demeanor is pleasant and friendly, and my skills speak for themselves. So what gives?

I’m going into tomorrow’s interview knowing I have plenty of competition. This is the second week of interviews that they are doing. I’m hoping I’m one of the last ones so that I can stand out against all the other people who have interviewed over the past week. The position sounds interesting enough, and the commute is no different than the one I had before getting laid off (in fact, this job’s location would mean I could have lunch with former workmates).

In the meantime, I continue to work mornings at a company in Charlotte, and it is going really well. If the guy could afford to hire me full-time, I think he would. But his industry is one that is suffering in our area right now, and he just can’t do it, much as he might like to. I continue to obtain freelance work when possible. In fact, today I started a transcription project in which I’m transcribing three CDs and fifteen 90-minute cassettes for one of my recurring clients.

The unemployment office can never tell me I don’t bust my hump trying to find work (both freelance and full-time). It’s that aforementioned hump busting that has enabled me to extend my unemployment payments as long as I have. It runs out in two weeks. If I hadn’t been able to secure any freelance work over the past eight months, benefits would have dribbled to an end back in June. As it is, I have been told that I most likely DO qualify for the extension benefits that were legislated this past year, but I have no idea if I’ll have a break in weekly payments or not. That extension lasts for 13 weeks (longer if I keep up with the freelance stuff) – and then it’s done. No more. To that end, I need to find a full-time job between now and about February 15th.

So pray for me. Pray for my interview tomorrow (it’s at 9 a.m.). Pray for the dozens of dozens of resumes that I’ve sent out, that people will see my skills and know that I’d be right for whatever job they have open.

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