Wii All Get Fit!!

So I just did my first workout on my Wii Fit. I’m so in love with it. I have to name her, but Ivory is taken. Maybe I’ll call her SLIM since the balance board is so nice and flat. Slim and Ivory working in combination with each other? A DREAM.

I did the hula hoops (in homage to the funny viral video on YouTube) (I’m merely adequate), hitting soccer balls with my head (I’m miserably bad), running (not bad!), a couple yoga poses (decent), a couple strength exercises (good), ski jumping (hilarious and fun), ski slalom (I’m bad at it, but the kids thought it was funny), and a few other things. Very fun and I’m looking forward to unlocking even more of the exercise games that open up as I continue to use it.

CootieBoy was very sweet. At some point I did one of the exercises and failed, so my Mii was so sad that she collapsed on the ground. CB’s lip suddenly began quivering. “I don’t want you to be sad!” he wailed, tears brimming in his eyes. I hugged him and told him I wasn’t really sad, even if the TV said I was. Too cute.

A bit later I plan on putting on Wii Sports for a bit. See if I can improve my rankings in a couple sports there.


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