Why My Husband Rocks

I’ve often been told that I “married up” when I got hitched to Denis. I’ve always agreed, but this weekend it really hit home that it’s totally true. Why?

He raked the leaves in the rain.

Last week I was lamenting my “disability” (re: pregnancy) and how I wanted to get stuff done in the garden but that there was no way I could do it until CootieGirl was here and I was recovered. I envisioned an overgrown garden intermixed with winter’s dead flower stalks – a distinctly UNattractive garden.

So on Saturday morning Denis got up, went outside, and promptly began raking out the leaves, cleaning up the acorns, helping me get rid of the dead stuff from the winter, spreading out fresh mulch, and putting up the border barriers to keep Cooper from digging my bulbs up. I helped the little bit I could – cutting back the flowers from last year to make room for the new growth coming up. But once it started raining I ran for the cover of indoors and Denis stayed outside continuing his mission.

And despite being sore from the hard work, he still made dinner that night..

That’s why I married up. Cuz if I had been out raking leaves and cleaning my wife’s flowerbeds, I sure as heckfire wouldn’t have then made a cozy dinner for two after the fact.

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  1. What a guy! You are blessed with a true servant for a husband. And someday, after the baby comes, you’ll be able to return the acts of loving service by doing something for him. That’s what makes a good marriage.

  2. Well, I may do nice stuff for him, but he’s still in charge of dinner every night. I’ll keep Cooper away from the kitchen so he can make it in peace.

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