Why I Don’t Have a Playstation

Last night Ace and I played video games all night. Yes, you read that right. Jaynee played video games. Something she never does, or at least, hasn’t done since she was 12.

Denis and I went over to their place so that Denis and Ant’ny could watch football while Ace and I had another Buffy night. But I mentioned that I’d be willing to play a couple video games, and Ace jumped all over that. Next thing I know it’s two or three hours later and we’ve played X-Men, Tennis and Mortal Kombat. I was awful at Tennis, but as Wolverine and Rogue in X-Men I did pretty good, and I loved Li Mei in Mortal Kombat. She kicks serious butt.

There’s a reason I don’t play video games – when I was 12 I played everyday after school (this was the early Atari post-Pong era) and wouldn’t surface until dinner time. The same could very well happen today if I actually owned a Playstation – my unborn child would become a neglected child, and my friends would never see me again. I already watch too much tv – do you think I’m insane enough to add VIDEO GAMES to the mix?

I hope that The Kid doesn’t want to play video games, because I won’t let a machine enter my house – if only because I’d take over and my kid would never get to play.

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  1. How is it that I do not remember your game playing days in our childhoods? I just don’t remember you playing video games all afternoon. What was I doing? Probably reading my romances. 😉

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