Who’s The Idiot That Brought Her Kid?

Okay, so tonight was the NJ Blogmeet, and it was a total blast.

Except for the whole bringing my kid part.

Which apparently no one else did. Was there a memo that missed me?

I totally thought other people were bringing kids.

Nope. Not a one. Just me. The idiot.

Fortunately, CootieBoy was well-behaved and only fussed when his Idiot Mother (that’s me) realized she forgot to bring a bottle for the Hungry Baby Who Was Two Hours Overdue For A Bottle.

Someone from the American Legion (where the party was held) kindly went out and bought a bottle and formula for me and all was well after that – CootieBoy was no longer The Exorcist Baby and went back to smiles and dimples for everyone. He was quite the flirt, actually.

So back to the Blogmeet. It was nice to finally meet KateSpot in person – she’s awesome. It was also great to meet and talk to This Full House and meet Mary of Bookblog.net, which is the permant Aortal website here at Cootiehog. I met lots of other folks too – so many links to make though!

The full list of those attending:

kate / katespot
jim / parkwayreststop
erin / gigglechick.com
tj / twisty
mike / sluggo needs a nap
gregor / sad old goth
lynne / shamrocketship
mary / bookblog.net
lizbeth / mom & pop culture
robert / dynamobuzz
liz / this full house
shabe / jersey side
tracey / south orange journal
patrick / jerseystyle.net
mr. surly / the idiom
suzette / cripes, suzette
Debbie / Baristanet.com

Some folks I only did a quick introduction to, others I talked with at great length. If I hadn’t had CootieBoy then I think I would have talked to more people, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that. When Barista and I left (we rode together since we live near each other), Jim from Parkway Rest Stop was just getting warmed up with his guitar – I did hear one song though, and he has a nice gravelly voice that fit perfect with his songs.

I told Kate that for the next blogmeet I’ll definitely leave the kids at home.

Oh, and the craziest thing? Barista and I found out tonight that went to the SAME HIGH SCHOOL in Northern Virginia. She went a few years before I did, so we didn’t know each other, but how totally random is that?

Update: I remembered when I got to church this morning the scene from “Sweet Home Alabama” starring Reese Witherspoon. She shows up at the local bar and sees an old friend there with her baby. “You brought your baby. To a bar.”

That was me.

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  1. fantastic to me you and the rugrat tonight (he’s swell!)— definitely pick up the treo – it’s a rockin’ gadget!

  2. I’m sure that when CootieBoy went into flirt mode everyone forgot exocist mode. He’s too cute with that killer dimple!

  3. Well you didn’t think twice about bringing CootieBoy, and I don’t think anyone there thought twice about seeing him there! He was a wonderful addition to the fun. Nice to have met you and the lad also.

  4. Hi Jaynee!

    It was great hanging with you and CootieBoy! I have to say though, I think you are way off on the Exorcist Baby thing. CootieBoy was a true gentlemen and I absolutely fell in love with the little man! So, don’t believe her folks…the boy was all good. So much so, that I had those pregnant dreams all night!!!

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