So this morning when I got to work everyone came rushing over to me to tell me how bad Mr. BIL was yesterday. Apparently he was on a rampage because he couldn’t get anything done in my absence. I guess that’s why he called me around 4:30 p.m. to make sure I was going to be in today.

I’ve been on the go since my arrival – he has a LOT that has to get out today. Denis and I are supposed to go to dinner tonight before our show here in Charlotte, but sadly it may not happen if Mr. BIL can’t get all his stuff done. He’s notorious for making me work late on Friday nights, and since I was out yesterday it’s looking like it may happen again.

So you’re on notice Denis – you may be able to take your time coming to Charlotte and will just stop in for a quick drink somewhere before we head over to the show.

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  1. If you have to cancel dinner, just let me know as early as you can because I made a reservation and I want to cancel it in case we can’t make it. And then I won’t have to rush around picking up the kids and babysitter. Thanks.

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