Who Wins at iWon?

I’ve been going to iWon for almost two years now, and I’ve not won a single thing. The only call I got from those folks was a Marriott Vacations guy trying to sell me a weekend at any resort “of my choice” (read: in the NYC area). Needless to say I passed. I see all these pictures of people who win cd players, tvs, Palm Pilots, even $10,000 on the daily draw. But I get nothing. I go there faithfully every day and surf the news on their site and build up my daily “entries”. And nothing. I get nada. Has anyone out there ever known someone who has actually WON! at iWon? If so, tell them to get in contact with me to assure me that IT CAN HAPPENtm and for me to KEEP ON TRYINGtm!

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  1. ..I found this page cos I did a google search for just that!. I’ve been faithfully using their homepag for the past 2yrs (maybe longer) and get zip.

    I always get the mail about ‘other’ winners and think, if I have really won then it would be a call, right?. Either that or they just happen to have all those pictures handy!.

    ps. Have you found anyone who has won, I NEED to know.

  2. I did a search also and found this page. I was wondering the same thing. There’s always pictures and supposedly people, but who actually KNOWS someone who has won? I don’t.

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