Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, but today has been a busy day and I can’t believe it’s already 4:05 p.m.!

First up: American Idol picks for tonight. Hate to say it, but unless the Clay Aiken diehards called in last night, I think he’s going home. Kimberly was outstanding, Rooo-ben was good, and Clay was good but had BAD songs – poor guy. VINCENT? That song sucked even when Don MacLean did it the first time. And MACK THE KNIFE? C’mon judges – even I know that’s a bad song choice. I personally love the song, but it DOES NOT belong on American Idol.

Second: Buffy. I don’t think I’ve been so UNDERwhelmed about a season coming to an end. Much less a SERIES. There are so many loose ends that the writers need to tie up in next week’s final episode that it’s beyond me how they’ll even do it. *sigh* It’s all Firefly’s fault – Fox had to give Joss Whedon ANOTHER show that divided his time even more from his most important show. And what’s horrible is that with each show Joss is not improving. Buffy has always been a stellar show. Then we got Angel, which was good in Season One but then slowly started sucking. Then both of those shows totally began sucking when Joss got Firefly – which was a HORRIBLE show from day one. Hopefully now that Buffy is off the air Joss will get back to concentrating on Angel and turn that show around – it’s lucky it got renewed for another season.

Third: The picture that Denis posted a couple days ago of the baby chipmunks in our backyard are not baby chipmunks. Turns out they are jackrabbits. Last year jackrabbits ate my flowers, but I’m looking forward to seeing these little guys grow. Two of them crawled out of the hole last night and were wobbling around the flower bed on tender little feet before returning to the fold. SO cute.

Fourth: Today I took CootieGirl for a walk in the stroller. I took Cooper with us and we went once around the block. Then I dropped Cooper off at home and CootieGirl and I took a turn around another block. All total we walked (well, I walked, she rolled) about 45 minutes. Not bad!

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  1. Buffy: Yeah, sad.

    Chipmunk/rabbit picture: glad they’re not nesting in my hair. A brave fellow you have there.

    Guardian kitty photo: cool 🙂

  2. When I was younger and hung out with friends after work at a bar near work, we’d wind up at Karioke night often enough. One of the most popular songs to sing was Mack the Knife. The judges on American Idol are always screaming that the performances are so Karioke, so what do they do? Pick one of the most popular Karioke songs for Clay Aiken to sing. They must have been testing him.