Who Is Your American Idol?

I managed to vote twice last night – the phones were BUSY BUSY even up to 15 minutes before the lines closed! I just hope my two votes help out George, who had a weak night. Not as weak as Jasmine, but she has a big fan base, so it’ll definitely be close tonight as to which one of them go home.

La Toya just rocked. She is so amazing and if she doesn’t win it’ll be a travesty. I say that despite my undying affection for George. FantaBounce did okay last night – I much preferred her second song over her first (the Queen cover). Diana DeGarmo also did well, and I agree that based on last night’s performance she’s solidly in third place.

I just really hope that it’s Jasmine that is going home tonight and not George.

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  1. I agree ~ my top three in order are LaToya, George and Fantasia. I think all three have what it takes to be stars. Don’t care for Diana at all.

  2. I don’t have a top three, but my top two are LaToya and Fantasia. I really don’t think the other 3 are American Idol quality.

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