Who Could Tell?

Late last night I was folding laundry and came upon a grey turtleneck sweater that Denis had worn earlier in the week. It was inside out, and so as I was turning it right side out I noticed the label.

“Dress Barn Woman”

Uh, Denis?
Is this your sweater or mine?
Mine, I think.
Then why does the label say ‘Dress Barn Woman’ on it?
I have no idea. It must be your sweater then.
But I didn’t wear a grey turtleneck sweater this week – you did.
*I begin laughing uncontrollably*
I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you, Jaynee, what does that say about YOUR wardrobe?
Doesn’t matter. YOU wore a woman’s sweater this week.

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  1. Every once in a while a friend/coworker (male) and I (female) will show up at work wearing the same sweater. Probably doesn’t help that we both shop the Old Navy clearance racks. I like to think of these sweaters as unisex.

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