Who Broke My Chair?

So I was in the copy room making books for one of my bosses. I came back to my desk to print out some labels and my chair was broken. At first I didn’t think it was THAT broken – the seat just tilted forward a bit. But after I hit the “print” button on my screen and turned to grab it from the printer, my whole chair suddenly tipped to the side and almost dumped me on the floor.

Fortunately, no one was around to witness it, and I was able to grab a chair from the trading room. The old chair (a nice one at that) is now sitting by the dumpster. Poor chair. I just wonder who broke it?

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  1. *lol*!!
    I always did have my eye on her big, soft, comfortable, ergonomic, rotating, massaging, black, high-backed chair and have been insanely jealous of it all these years ….. now, NOBODY can have it …*creepy-dracula-like-laugh*.

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