White Elephants, Truckers and Darth Maul, Oh My!

The first White Elephant announcement went out today. *sigh* My favorite time of year. 🙂 A total of 63 invites went out, with many of them representing COUPLES. So really, we’ve invited more like 100 people to the party. And that’s not even all the invites – there are two other couples that we will be inviting from our neighborhood (I don’t have their email addresses yet). This could either be the biggest fizzle if no one comes, or the biggest fiasco trying to fit 60+ people in our house. Last year we had about 30 come to the party and it was a tight fit once the White Elephant game started. Before that it was great because people had four rooms in which to spread out. We may have to move the dining room table out of the way for the game if we get more than 30 people in attendance. I have to admit – I would much rather have tons of people than none.

This weekend I taught CootieBoy the age-old pasttime of signaling to truck drivers to get them to sound their horns. We did it all the way to the zoo and he was thrilled to death (we were successful four times in an hour). So much so that we we drove to church on Sunday he was very sad there were no trucks on the road.

The kids have only seen Chapter 4-6 of the Star Wars saga (that’s Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi for you non-nerds). They haven’t seen the newer prequels since they are a bit more serious and violent. So they know nothing of Darth Maul or Qui-Gon. However, last night CootieBoy and I were playing Lego Star Wars (I was Qui-Gon and he was Obi-wan) and we got to the big battle between DM, Obi-wan and QG that was at the end of the first prequel. The game stayed true to the movie and sure enough – DM killed QG. It was funny because QG’s lego character fell to the ground and suddenly “X”s replaced his eyes. Very funny. Then we watched as Obi-wan battled back and cut off DM’s head (again, this is all done with Legos so it’s funny to watch). CootieBoy said, “I did it! I killed Darth Maul!” With that he threw down his controllers and ran upstairs to tell Denis of his accomplishment.

Other projects this weekend included putting up the new mailbox (woo hoo!! no more wet mail when it rains!). It’s a little woogeduh-woogeduh (which is what my family calls it when it’s not quite right), but works for us. I actually had the thought that we could always dig down about 5 inches around the bottom of the post and pour in some quikcrete to help it be a little bit more sturdy and stable. I also took the time to reorganize our DVDs a bit. We had started just putting new DVDs and the Wii games on the top shelf of our entertainment center and it was getting too cluttered. So I ordered two more DVD wallets and got to work this weekend. I still have a few more TV show DVD sets to put away and the shelf will be cleared off. One of the frustrating things was that the wallet that had all the kids movies was just overloaded to the point where the pages wouldn’t stay in anymore. So I swapped it for a larger wallet and now there is AMPLE room. But I need to get them to start watching the videos that we have. In fact, yesterday I showed “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” and they LOVED IT.

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