White Elephant Success

We hosted our 5th White Elephant party last night and it was another success. Good friends, good food, good times. There were a total of 19 White Elephant participants this year, from neighbors to former co-workers, from old friends to new. Here are a few shots from last night’s fun. Always a good time no matter who shows up. Hope to see all of you again — and many more — next year.

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  1. Mat & I had a fabulous time. Thanks for having us and apologies for our late arrival. Traffic coming through Manhattan was simply awful. However, the stuffed mushrooms and my own personal bottle of white wine (Cheers Miss. J.!)and pie were well worth any amount of traffic !!

    Great photo’s!!

    p.s. Sully was really happy with that big old gobbledy turkey, to whoever brought it !!

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