Where’s Jaynee?

I thought Jaynee was back? Where are her wity posts? Well, I guess I’ll continue to fill in. I know you all want to know the latest Cootie news.

Jaynee went to her doctor’s yesterday and discovered her incision hasn’t quite healed yet. She described the open wound as a small second belly button. She asked me to either help her stick an 8-inch Q-tip into the hole, or buy her a beauty mirror so she can do it herself. I opted for the second choice. I will clean it if she really needs me to — and I think she will because even she was too grossed out to clean it herself last night and she had to get her mom to do it. (Mom is leaving on Friday.)

This is all part of the things they don’t tell you in the baby books. That and stuff like your husband is going to have to lift you in and out of bed for a few days when you get back from the hospital, otherwise, you will lie in bed like a beached whale as the baby wails.

Today is CootieGirl’s doctor appointment. We’ll let you know how that goes.

Jaynee asked me to feed CG this morning right before I was due to get up to get ready for work. No problem. I got about half-way through the bottle and Jaynee walked into the room and said she’d finish so I could get ready for work. When I got out of the bathroom, she was changing CG’s clothes. “What happened?” “She hurled all over herself.” That might be better than the 11 o’clock feeding where she hurled all over mommy. I haven’t been treated to this special love juice yet. I don’t feed the baby that often, but I suspect I’ll become much more involved when mom-in-law goes home.

Last night I took a few pics of CG to prove that she does wear other clothes. Actually, I’m not sure she wasn’t in her yellow jumper again. I’ll have to check tonight. Jaynee’s mom is supposed to take a nice pic of mom and baby today in her “good” outfit.

I don’t remember if I told everyone I ruined her going-home outfit by ironing it. Turns out the outside layer of the dress is made up of a sheer nylon that shouldn’t be ironed. This is why I don’t do the wash or iron. But I’m a very good cook. It all works out in the end.

Hopefully, I’ll get a few new CG pics up tonight.

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  1. I see if I don’t post pics of O, I don’t get any comments. Maybe I should talk about AI2. Clay is going down this week! Then we take out Roo-ben. Then we vote Carmen What’s-Her-Name back on the show to yodel and win it all!!!! Yee Haw!!!

  2. Oops sorry D-Man – It’s actually been a busy day at the office today (now that your wife isn’t here!!)

    Obviously you know this, but some great pictures :+)

  3. J –

    COME BACK !!!!!!!!

    Not as much fun and games with you MIA

    Also check your email (cootiehog email) – I need an answer to the questions – Any answer will do – But give me an answer that will put my mind at ease ….

  4. Yeah, I had a busy day at work as well…

    Denis, you’re hilarious. Keep the ruined dress for CootieGirl to have when she’s older.

    Oh, and EW on the Q-tip thing. TMI! TMI!


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