Where O Where?

Why don’t my friends email me anymore? Am I that annoying that they feel they need to run screaming from my emails?

Don’t answer that.

I lovingly call myself the “email queen”, but I can’t very well be said queen if no one emails me back! I need to have something to reply to, people.

Case in point, I recently started emailing with an old friend of mine from about 12 years ago. For the first couple weeks we emailed quite regularly. And then I noticed a pattern. I’d shoot off two or three emails to his one. At last count (yes I’m counting. what. is that so wrong?), since mid-March it’s been five Jaynee emails to one of his. So depressing.

I’ve been emailing him anyway. I don’t care if he’s out of town, ignoring me, or just plain too busy. I’ve made it my mission to NOT GIVE UP!

Another friend from college claims she reads all my emails but just doesn’t have time to email me back. Uh…if you have time to read, you have time to write. That’s my opinion. It takes only a few moments to say, “Thanks for the note – good to hear from you! Will write more when I have a chance!” Is that asking too much?

And don’t even get me started on my sister, Jen. She and I used to set the Internet blazing with the amounts of emails we used to send each other each and every day. Now she only checks her computer ONCE A WEEK for email. The thrill is gone….

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  1. It’s not that the thrill is gone. It’s a couple of other things…

    1. I no longer work in an office on a daily basis. I’m on my feet in a store everyday. When I get home I’m TIRED and I CRASH.

    2. My computer is painfully slow.

    3. I need to work on getting a new email set up b/c I hate the one I’m using now. The thought of having to retype my address book is daunting…

    4. Once I start my new job and will be back to a regular office/desk thing, I can guarantee that the daily blaze across the email waves will resume.

    Get it? Have patience. 🙂

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