Where is the Justice?

I forgot to mention this a few days ago when it happened, but where is the justice in this country when a judge can just arbitrarily change the legal and binding verdict of a jury? Last time I checked, this was still America. Of course, I’m referring to the case in California where a couple’s dog murdered that poor woman. I’m sure the dog was put to sleep, but the couple will walk free in no time.

If the judge felt it was impossible for the jury to find the defendant guilty of second-degree murder, why wasn’t that made clear before the verdict was rendered? Are there any lawyers out there who can explain this travesty of justice to me? Thanks, and sorry for bringing the room down.

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  1. Well that was what a lot of the outrage was after the judge overturned the verdict because he had plenty of opportunity to do it prior to submitting the case to the jury. But in all cases the judge can overturn a verdict if he/she feels that the credible evidence does not support the what the verdict is. It does not happen often but it can. That is just the way the law is written.

  2. Is this Tara esq. responding? You know so much about the law by now, you might as well just make it official and pass the bar exam.

    Thanks for the info. I think they need to change the law so that judges can’t do that after the fact. There’s no way that system isn’t ripe for corruption. I may never do jury duty again. And I’ll tell the judge that’s the reason why. He can throw me in the clink. How’s that baby coming along?

  3. I am not a lawyer and do not ever want to be one…but I do know the law pretty well by now! I need to stop getting in so much trouble! Baby S is almost done the timer will be popping soon (or else I will!!!)

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