Where Have All The Nikki McKibbens Gone?

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the searches that bring people to this website. I’ve been around for over six years, and I have several searches for celebrities (and those who have celebrity) that have been near the top of the list the entire six years. Here are the notable ones:

1. David Cook – last season’s American Idol winner. I get a lot of people looking up his name in addition to Kimberly Caldwell since they were rumored to date briefly after they met at the season finale.

2. Neil Diamond Christian – I did a post during the last season of American Idol wondering if he was a Christian based on the song he performed on the show. To this day I still have a lot of visitors asking the same thing.

3. Mark Spitz – I had a lot of visitors this summer when I raged against the bitterness of Mark Spitz. And people even now are still seeking him out.

4. DeAnna Pappas – last season’s Bachelorette is still my fourth top “celebrity” on the list. For the record – yes, she and Jesse are still together and even have a website about their wedding planning.

5. Nikki McKibbin – why? Why, people? Why are you still searching for a woman who had no business being in the top three of the first season of American Idol? And it’s refreshing to see that I’m not the only one that misspells her name. That misspelling has resulted in Cootiehog being #2 on the Yahoo Search front page when people search for Nikki McKibben. Heh.

And I have a special mention to Roberto Farnesi. He gets a lot of attention here too. Most people don’t know his name though, so they do a search for what they know him as. And what is that? Why, the Barilla Pasta man.

But the question begs itself, why on EARTH are people doing searches on Nikki McKibben in 2008? Seriously…is she doing something I should know about?

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