Where Are My Loyalties?

So I just downloaded some of the performed songs from Rock Star: INXS that are available at MSN Music.

Who did I pick and how many?

Deanna got one (My Truth)
JD Fortune got two (California Dreamin’ and Cold as Ice)
Suzie got two (Start Me Up and Bring It On Home To Me)
Mig got three (Do or Die, Baby I Love Your Way and Walk This Way)
Marty got three (Lithium, Jealousy, Baby Hit Me One More Time)
Jordis got four (Heart Shaped Box, Gimme Some Lovin, Imagine and The Man Who Sold The World)
Ty got five (No Woman No Cry, Heartbreaker, Proud Mary, Maggie May, Somebody Told Me)

I’m not surprised that I downloaded more Ty songs than anything else – I liked his showmanship and his performances were always fun to watch. I just didn’t like his ego, which started to match JD’s for a while there.

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