When Will They Learn?

So I understand that Northern Virginia has almost two feet of snow. I also understand that Asheville, NC has a lot of snow. And yet, why is it that MY COUNTY’S SCHOOLS CLOSED EARLY ON FRIDAY?

Seriously – at 10 a.m. or so I got the notice that my county was closing schools early due to inclement weather. Now, bear in mind that all reports said we’d get cold rain and MAYBE freezing rain. No snow. No ice. And despite the fact that we’ve had record high temps for almost a week before the cold snap meant the ground was NOT cold enough for anything to accumulate even if we did get something. I’ll say this – at least this time something WAS falling from the sky (unlike the day they kept school because something MIGHT happen (and nothing did – it was dry all day)).

So anyway, I tried to find someone to watch the kids (since their afterschool program follows the school’s directive – therefore, it was cancelled). In the end, I left work at 12:30 p.m. to meet the kids at home when they got off the bus. We had a pleasant afternoon watching RAIN FALL FROM THE SKY.

The rest of the weekend has been good. Lots of baking – Denis made pineapple/banana bread, and I attempted making cake balls (they tasted fine but will never be made again in this household). Denis also made homemade pizza for us, so our kitchen got some heavy use yesterday.

Today we have church – Denis is already there since he had setup this morning. We’ll join him for the 10:45 a.m. service. The boy asked for pancakes this morning, so he and I had that while the girl had cereal (she begged off having pancakes).

This week coming up will be interesting. The kids are spending Monday and Tuesday at a friend’s house since school is out and daycare is closed this week. Then on Wednesday Denis, Cooper and the kids will pile into the van and head north to my parents’ house. Then on Thursday after work I will follow, with hopes of arriving before midnight.

Work should be pretty light – my boss is out Wednesday and Thursday, and my co-admin is out Thursday. My workload comes in spurts and I’m always quick to ask for more projects, but even when people give them to me they are easy and can be done in 10-15. I’ve finished all the super-big projects I gave myself a couple weeks ago when my boss was out of town.

Not much else to report. If for some reason I don’t post again until after Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

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