When It Rains…

This morning I was in the shower and could hear the thunder and see the lightning of the storm hovering in our area. I followed the old counting rule (count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder clap and that’s how many miles away the storm is) and when I first stepped in the shower the storm was about five miles away. Then four miles. Then three miles. All within the few minutes I was in the shower. When it got down to two miles I figured I had better get out of the shower, so I promptly turned off the water and got out. As I was drying myself off I was watching the skies through the skylight in my bathroom when a HUGE bolt of lightning flashed simultaneously with the rumbling thread of thunder. All I could think was “thank heavens I got out of that shower.”

More amazing? That CootieGirl and CootieBoy slept through the whole thing.

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