When Bad Acting Meets Really Bad Writing

So last night I caught up a little bit on “Days of Our Lives” which I haven’t watched for a few weeks. I saw about 10 minutes of last Thursday’s episode and was cringing and laughing all at the same time.

Apparently I missed when Sam became Sami again and lost the boy costume. Would love to know how they pulled that off.

Marlena and Roman are back in Salem, back with John and Kate, respectively, despite the fact that John and Kate got engaged while their spouses were missing. I know, ridiculous – but c’mon it’s a soap opera. :confused:

But here’s the part that was part hilarious and part sad. The boys in Iraq to save Philip (that would be Sean, Rex, Brady and Lucas – you know, because they are all advanced in the art of hostage rescue in war-torn areas of the world), almost got spotted by the enemy (*sarcastic*). Sean makes some inane comment about “I’ll never doubt the hard work of our soldiers doing their duty.” And Lucas is all “I know what you mean – but it’s not just the soldiers but also the pilots, the nurses and doctors, and even the families. They all make sacrifices to make this world a safer place.” And then Brady is all, “You’re right, we take our freedom for granted.” blah blah blah. :thud: It was the most blatant bit of war propaganda I’ve seen in a long time. But what was so bad was that it was SO obvious, and so poorly acted – I bet those actors wanted to laugh through the whole thing, or certainly afterwards when taking off their ridiculous camo makeup.

That’s why I love that soap opera so much. It’s completely preposterous and over-the-top. Soapy fun.

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  1. The Sam/Sami thing was equally comical. She somehow ended up in the same rat hole as Phillip and as the enemy (I still can’t figure out the deal with the European accents, though!) was about to kill both Sam and Phillip, one of them noticed something strange. Cue them pulling off the wig, then the eyebrows, then the mustache, then the sideburns, cue dramatic Sami swing of blonde hair and *boom*. :eyebrow:


    But I totally agree with you. The insanity of Days is why I occasionally tune in. 😀

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