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Lots going on in the Cootie house!

I’m in the homestretch on a very long freelance project. One more seminar to transcribe and I’m DONE. I was looking forward to a nice paycheck from that until…

I chipped a tooth at work yesterday. It’s one of the teeth that needed a root canal last year, so I’m afraid that the temporary filling may fall out (I never got a crown put on because we couldn’t afford it). Alas, I can’t get the tooth worked on because…

I don’t have dental insurance yet. My new job doesn’t start my benefits until January 1, so I’m benefitless until then. I did have COBRA Dental, but I let that lapse on December 1 because I thought to myself, “What could happen in 30 days?” Well, I sure found out! Fortunately, I’m not experiencing any pain, and I plan on getting one of those tooth repair kits at my local drugstore in an effort to keep the filling in place AND avoid pain before I can get in to see a dentist in the new year…

At which time I’ll use the money I earned doing that freelance project to pay for the work not covered by my insurance. *sigh*

In other news, I’ve wrapped almost all the Christmas presents already. Feeling very accomplished about that. It also helped me “tally” the gifts for the kids, and it appears that we’ll need to buy one or two more small things for CootieBoy so that he has more to unwrap. Of course, he’s getting the big gift this year – a new bike. And I gave in and got her an MP3 player, but I HAD to. My friend Jean emailed me a couple weeks ago about an Amazon deal that was running – and sure enough – I got one! It’s a 512MB pink MP3 player that I got for…$8 and free shipping. It originally runs about $30, so it was a good deal. I charged it up and loaded about 100 songs – a mix of Christian music, Broadway/movie stuff, kid rock like the Jonas Brothers (no Miley Cyrus though – I can’t stand her) and classic rock like The Monkees and The Beatles). All in all she’ll be thrilled, I know. I hadn’t intended on giving it to her, but she is ALL about music right now, and at $8, it’s worth it.

And that’s about it, really. The week after the party has been a quiet respite, and much enjoyed. We had lot of leftovers though, and by Thursday I was “over” everything we had made. I also took in a LOT of cookies to the new job, and in a very weird turn, an employee I don’t know (I work for a VERY large company – there are literally thousands of people in my building) came and asked if she could pay me to make cookies for her department. Very strange, but I told her I’d see what I can do. I plan on going on Etsy to see what sellers on there charge for cookies, and will price mine accordingly. Heck, if she’s willing to pay, I’m willing to bake!

Tonight we’re heading to Charlotte for a party being hosted by one of Denis’s coworkers. Should be fun.

I started a new audiobook this morning and it was so bad that after the first disk I deleted it from my MP3 player and loaded up a new one. Fortunately, I didn’t pay money for the book since it was checked out from the library, but still – yikes. It’s an hour I can’t get back (although it was a productive hour since I was wrapping Xmas gifts while listening to it).

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  1. I hate to even ask what you do for work that might result in chipped teeth. Let’s see… kickboxer? Mouth implement tester? Or maybe repossessions?

  2. Why is it when I play audiobooks downloaded from iTunes, its always plays fast, as if the reader is speed-talking/

  3. Uncle Bill – I don’t know why either. I’ve downloaded books from my library and Audible.com and they all play at normal speed.

  4. In the Ipod app on your phone there is a function to speed up playback. I guess it’s for audible books, but I don’t use it, so I’m not sure. In any event, open the player and on the bar at the top that shows progress, below the far right end is a small box that shows the speed. Normal is “1X.” Tapping will cycle to “2X” then “1/2X” and back to “1X.” Hope that helps.

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